anatomy of marriage – “book of sins”

May 5, 2007

how we prospered under the light

shadows filling in the spaces

spilling forth in numbers, guiding us

to that place that love once lived

between sheets

between breaths

between skins

that sometimes

met in secret

then –

and now of our

no longer complete lives

words that are stuck on walls

children who bear wings

and yet who chain us –

how love changes

how it stops

and waves its goodbye

as it leaves you


clutching your heart

in one hand

and a knife

in the other


4 Responses to “anatomy of marriage – “book of sins””

  1. Kenny Mah Says:

    And friends ask why I don’t get hitched… 😉

    How ever do you squeeze so much imagery into so few words? I’ve yet to learn the ways of brevity, not even after years of people admonishing me for my verbal diarrhea. 😦

  2. bernicechauly Says:

    someone once said “brevity is the soul of wit” – but i think it applies to everything – really. maybe you just need to live a little more.. 🙂 and get hurt and hurt – again

  3. Kenny Mah Says:

    “and get hurt and hurt – again”

    Working on this, trust me I am…

  4. Sham Says:

    I cried Bernice…..
    This will go down as my favorite.

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