di endau – “book of sins”

May 5, 2007

ungkapan laut di langit hitam
bintang dilihat dalam lautan
sangkutnya jala berukir hati
bagaikan cinta ku harap disisi

jaringan bibir bagaikan sesikat
nyiur dihanyut seimbas ombak
pohon ibu dilepas bayu
bagaikan hati menggisir batu

disinilah cinta menyerang aku
disinilah aku diserang kamu


7 Responses to “di endau – “book of sins””

  1. Kenny Mah Says:

    O how I’ve forgotten how beautiful Malay poetry can be! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. One can almost sense the desire and longing.

  3. Antares Says:

    I kiss your blog, Lang Noi! Jane would certainly be touched by your poems about her. Thanks for blogrolling me (do it again!) –
    will be delighted to blogroll you too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Fairul Nizam Says:

    Sajak ini sangat cantik terutama di 2 rangkap terakhir.

  5. Whoa. I know you’ve prolly heard this a million times before, but that was brilliant. I’m still sitting here trying to get my jaw off the floor. I had no idea you could do Malay poetry too.

    I also really liked The Mother Files. Forgive my ignorance, but was she taken by cancer? I have seen many cancer patients give vent to their feelings in beautiful prose. Tragedy often inspires some of humanity’s best writing.

    I’m adding you to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind the heading I’ve given you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lil ms d Says:

    beautiful… the site is pretty too… congratulations bernice!

  7. hi bernice! im glad to see you here!=) actually, i adore u as a mummy to Putri in Gol dan Gincu! it just perfect! anyway, i love this poem too, especially when “disinilah cinta menyerang aku
    disinilah aku diserang kamu”.

    by the way, im writing too and have plenty of poems that i wrote myself. feel free to visit my blog !. thank you. much love.


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