May 10, 2007

i drink too much now

i cry all too much now

on sidewalks and in bars

with and without friends

i do all the things that negate


in the manner that i am nought

forsaken, yet still beguiled

by the mystery of mysteries –

between the armour of drink

and the word –

your truths

your lies

it is over

leave me

to reclaim the anomaly of you

as i listen

to the woe of the angels

whom i know

will greet you


4 Responses to “untitled”

  1. Shakeel Says:

    Read the whole lot. Warming, painful and telling.


  2. Magz Says:

    Take care Bernice and keep writing beautifully
    Cheers, Mag xox

  3. pelukismelukis Says:

    Here’s to love and life;
    with it’s untold twists and turns;
    a prayer for peace and strength,
    for the grieving heart in need.

  4. The pain shows through.

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