like he once said…

May 15, 2007

the synergy of dreams

lacks nothing


we are poised

on the brink of

sudden abysses

plunging into

red depths, emerging

from many births

dreaming through lifetimes

eating of roses

dark wood cactuses

we emerge

like angels from

centuries of sleep

full and unskinned

from the veil

of this earth


6 Responses to “like he once said…”

  1. pelukismelukis Says:

    Hence let us call upon the fiery phoenix,
    and rise from the ashes of anguish.

  2. pelukismelukis Says:

    Hi Bernice, it was really nice meeting you, Bernard, Lainie and your wonderfully erudite lady friend (whose name I keep forgetting because I’m so awfully bad at remembering names, it’s beyond embarrassing). Hope you’ll have a good week ahead of you 🙂

  3. Kenny Mah Says:

    “we emerge / like angels from / centuries of sleep”

    Kinda feel this way now, my first weekend free after a month of hard labour… wish I was conscious and less weary at last month’s “Readings” to have talked to you properly.

    Hope to see you at this month’s! 🙂

  4. Lilywong Says:

    Deep and profound… Mirrors my perspective on how we ‘wake up’ again and again throughout life after moments of ‘abyss’…perhaps if we were conscious enough than we’d see a brand new world ahead of us.

    Hope to meet you at NoBlackTie. 🙂

  5. Ben Samin Says:

    so when will we get to read more? food for the soul lies in ur recipe for concocting the puzzling (profound) poems. : ) the world awaits.

  6. mano Says:

    words from the depths of your soul which a very few will understand or ever be able to comprehend

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