July 31, 2007

the word is supreme

above all

the word is precious

token of the sages

the word is held

carressed, eaten

consumated, exhumed


the word is not God

it is human


5 Responses to “untitled”

  1. Sharanya Says:

    Oh good to see your blogging again!

    Lovely ending, this one.

  2. Kenny Mah Says:

    I agree with Sharanya… it’s a powerful ending. Hope to catch you at some reading or performance soon, before the year’s end. 🙂

    P.S. I still remember those words you shared with me, and yes, it too has passed. *hugs*

  3. Pedro Moura Says:

    Dear Bernice Chauly,
    I hope this is the correct way of contacting you. My name is Pedro Moura and I am a Portuguese translator, publisher and also, tentatively, writer. I am presently putting together a magazine that I would like to publish within next year, in which we, the team, will include essays and comics, poems and stories and other texts. This is an independent publication, put up without supports from institutions and paid for with our own money. This means that we cannot afford royalties and fees for the publication of texts. That is why I am resorting to this direct approach and contact.
    A few years ago, I visited Malaysia and there I bought the Silverfishbooks volume “Nineteen”, in which I found and cherished your short story Airborne. I am writing, then, to ask for your permission to translate it and published it within this magazine project.
    Please forgive me if this is a little abrupt and even somewhat offensive, but I prefer to do it this way and make sure I have an answer from the author (and I will understand perfectly a “no”, given the fact that you are entitled to have such a thing arranged via international agents and the like), instead of going through extremely complicated steps.
    I also would like to inform you that I am contacting Charlene Rajendran and Jinat Rehana Begum, who have published texts in the same anthology: respectively, “Polishing” and “Moulting”.
    Without further ado,
    And thank you very much for your attention,
    Your reader,
    Pedro Moura

  4. tunkuhalim Says:

    I’m enjoying “The Book of Sins”. It’s also very well designed!

  5. Ooze Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ooze.

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