Spilt Gravy on Rice

January 30, 2009

spilt gravy on rice

Written by Jit Murad, directed by Zahim Albakri, main cast starring Bernice Chauly, Charon Mokhzani, Reza Zainal Abidin, Sean Ghazi, Soefira Jaafar and Dato’ Rahim Razali as Bapak.

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Standing out most from the collection is Bernice Chauly’s startlingly poignant expressions of love possessed and retracted in Airborne, a story about a young Malaysian woman completing her final semester in college during a Winnipeg winter.

Published in The New Straits Times

refugees news article
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Published in The Sun Weekend, 16-17 July, 2005


Images above are from the souvenir programme book.

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