March 24, 2009

into the ice

into the ice

On 30 December 2004, Sharifah Mazlina became the first Malaysian, and the first Asian woman to complete a 1100km journey alone in the Antarctic. Her expedition also created a new world record as she traversed the terrain in only 22 days. This is her journey. Written by Bernice Chauly.


March 24, 2009

into 90 degrees north

into 90 degrees north

On 17 April 2007, Sharifah Mazlina became Malaysia’s first woman to reach the North Pole and effectively became the first Asian woman to reach both North and South Poles. This 9 1/2 day expedition covered a distance of 110km from the last degree (89 degrees N) till the North Pole. This is her account of her second journey into the ice. Written by Bernice Chauly.


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Written for Plantation Nation, Megan Keating’s exhibition in Rimbun Dahan, 2009.

Semangat Insan — Masters of Tradition (promo)
from Bernice Chauly on Vimeo.

This 6-part documentary series was shot between 1998-2000 and features 6 masters who work in the Malaysian folk forms of Main Pateri, Makyong, Manora, Mak Yong, Chinese Opera and Bangsawan.
The series was conceptualised, written. photographed and narrated by Bernice Chauly and directed by Bernard Chauly and Ho Yuhang. This award-winning series was produced by Planet E!, a subsidiary of Planet Films Malaysia.

Lost in KL review

March 3, 2009

Lost in KL review
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Review of Lost in KL, by SH Lim, in Time Out KL magazine